The Rise and Potency of the Celebrity Autograph World

Celebrity autographs have been sought by sports fans since pretty much the dawn of professional sports. Over the years, this has evolved into a big business, including certified signed memorabilia. It’s no longer just kids waiting outside after a game or a chance meetup in public. Recently, the sports memorabilia industry has hit a boom period so let’s look at why that might be and how this can benefit your memorabilia business. 

Recent Boom of Celebrity Autographs

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s spending habits changed. Bars, restaurants, movie theaters, etc., all took a hit financially. Some people may have had disposable income that no longer had a destination. As a result, other businesses thrived during the pandemic. Sports memorabilia, specifically autographed sports memorabilia, is one of those industries that hit a boom. 

What to Expect from an Autograph Session

You would either buy a ticket or line up to have your item signed or purchase an item to have signed in normal times. Sometimes only one or the other, although at times both were acceptable. Things have evolved a bit with social distancing, and so many of these have moved to virtual events. This can often be done very similarly, just an online meet in which the athlete signs your item while in a virtual conference with you, and the item is shipped to you. The types of items can vary from pictures, mini-helmets, footballs/baseballs/basketballs (depending on the athlete’s sport), jerseys, t-shirts, and so on. 

During in-person events, you often have an option to purchase something on-site or bring a personal item from home. The neat thing about bringing a personal item with you to the signing is that sometimes it can spark a conversation about the item if it has a special meaning or a cool story behind it, adding a little something extra to the experience. Also, in-person events will often allow selfies to be taken with the player, which, in essence, becomes like an autograph in and of itself. 

Partner with Mayfield Sports Marketing

If you are in the sports memorabilia industry yourself and are interested in doing your own autograph session, Mayfield Sports Marketing can help! For several years now, MSM has contracted athletes for big and small businesses both locally and nationally. 

Some of the athletes we have contracted include:

We have had the pleasure of working with numerous clients such as Radtke Sports, FanDuel, Oakley, Citgo, Cousins Subs, ESPN, Kohler Companies, Waukesha SportCards, Legends of the Field, E5 Sports, Jeff’s Sports, and Great Sports, among others. Contact us today to get a quote, get your autograph session planned, and see how it can help your business! 

Mayfield Sports Marketing is a leading sports marketing agency and speaker bureau. Whether your company is small or large, our team can search our network of current and retired celebrity athletes available based on appearance fees, team, location, or sport. With access to hundreds of athletes available for corporate appearances, keynote or motivational speeches, and product endorsements, we work within your budget to match your goals with an athlete’s appearance.

By working with the player directly, player agent, marketing agency, and more, Mayfield Sports Marketing has negotiated deals for numerous current and retired sports figures for speaking engagements, VIP Meet & Greets, autograph signings, product endorsement deals, and media opportunities.



Mayfield Sports Marketing acts only as an athlete broker for corporate events, private events, and speaking engagements. Mayfield Sports Marketing does not claim or represent itself as the athlete’s agent, speakers bureau, manager, publicist, assistant, PR firm, or management company. Mayfield Sports Marketing is a full-service player and athlete booking agency representing organizations and groups seeking to hire athletes for motivational speakers, athletes for private corporate events, athlete endorsements, personal athlete appearances, spokesperson campaigns, and autograph sessions.


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