Book Professional Athletes for Endorsements

Mayfield Sports Marketing Agency has been matching athletes endorsing the best brands for almost 10 years. With access to athletes such as Brett Favre and Davante Adams, our agents can connect your company with the perfect athlete to endorse your brand, product, company, or service.

Why Professional Athlete Endorsements?

Professional athletes are excellent endorsers for your brand because they are easily recognized by face and name around the world. Aaron Rodgers, as the face of State Farm and Shaq with The General, both stand out when you think of car insurance, which is precisely the intent of professional athlete endorsements.

Jaire Alexander is a new face with Oakley Sunglasses, creating a connection to the brand for the sports audience. Endorsements can be seen in print ads, on television, and on social media, as well as heard on the radio. An organization or company’s growth depends on successful media brand campaigns and advertising. A famous professional athlete on your team is the perfect way to reach your goals.

Why Use Mayfield Sports Marketing Agency for Your Professional Athlete Endorsements?

Mayfield Sports Marketing Agency has worked with companies and organizations for almost 10 years ensuring that they match with the right professional athlete for their endorsements. We have direct contact with professional athletes, both current and former, as well as coaches, sports agencies, and public relations firms to guarantee we get you the best talent fees. Mayfield Sports Marketing Agency offers experienced agents who are ready and willing to work with your organization or company to find the right professional athlete to endorse your brand. For example, Jaire Alexander is a new face for Oakley Sunglasses. Have you seen Packer’s Jaire Alexander wearing Oakley Sunglasses?

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Check out the athletes Mayfield Sports Marketing Agency has available. If you don’t see a specific athlete you may have interest in endorsing your product, give the MSM Team a call to discuss at 262.366.8188.

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Current and Past Business Partners

Jaire Alexander – Gross Motors

Jordan Love – Gross Motors

Antonio Freeman – Fanduel

HOF John Randle – FanDuel

Gilbert Brown – Punt, Pass & Kick

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Russ Darrow Group

Ahman Green – Ho-Chunk Gaming

HOF Jerry Kramer – Lexus

Jared Abbrederis – Tomorrow’s Hope

HOF Jerry Kramer – Roundy’s

HOF Ron Wolf – Envoy

Gilbert Brown – Cabelas 

Your business or brand can benefit from the endorsement of a professional athlete and Mayfield Sports Marketing can make that happen! Mayfield Sports Marketing can connect you with a professional athlete to promote your business, service, or brand. Contact us today to get started.
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