Why Your Business Needs a Motivational Speaker Now More Than Ever

For your business to achieve greatness, your employees need to be motivated. While the business year may start off promising, you may start to notice a lack of productivity and focus. Employees become focused on simply achieving their everyday tasks while lacking sight of the big picture. A visit from a professional athlete as your motivational speaker may be just what your business needs.

Motivational speakers have been rising in popularity for decades. Bringing someone in to talk to your employees, virtually or in person, can be just the inspiration and motivation needed.  Providing hope that they can tap into their own talents and make a positive change in their lives. If you’re unsure whether this is the right choice for your employees, here are some of the top reasons why your business needs a motivational speaker now more than ever. 

What Makes A Good Motivational Speaker?

The most important thing a motivational speaker does is light a spark in your employees. Doing so requires someone who can encourage them to embrace where they’re at in life and strive to do better. A good motivational speaker is made from years of hard work, determination, and overcoming their own obstacles. Being open about their professional failures and accomplishments allows speakers to connect with your audience on a personal level while keeping their attention throughout the duration of their speech.  This will encourage and grow enthusiasm in the workplace and inspire employees to do their best work. 

What Results Can I Expect?

Motivational speakers boost the drive and motivate your employees to do more, be more, and give more. An increase in workplace happiness will encourage a more focused, energetic atmosphere. Improvements among your staff will likely last for days, weeks, and even months after attending a motivational speaker, virtually or in person. You should notice a change in your staff, from mediocrity to becoming an engaged team who will work together to boost the profitability of the business.

What Motivation Speakers Can We Connect You With?

At Mayfield Sports Marketing, we have a great network of professional athletes that excel at motivational speaking, whether you’re looking to host a virtual or in-person event. Mayfield Sports Marketing can connect with booking agents for players like: 

Brett Favre

Brett Favre is an NFL legend with a 20-year career as an accomplished quarterback. He played in 299 consecutive NFL games, scored 509 touchdowns during his career, and guided the Packers to a win in Super Bowl XXXI. 

Jerry Kramer

Jerry Kramer is known best as an offensive lineman for the Greenbay Packers and for the signature play the “Packer Sweep”. He is also an accomplished author and sports commentator. 

Desmond Howard 

Desmond Howard not only is an accomplished return specialist in the NFL but a wide receiver as well. He is the recipient of the Heisman Trophy and currently works as a college football analyst for ESPN. 

Gilbert Brown 

Gilbert Brown is a Green Bay Packers legend and Packers Hall of Famer. He played 125 games for the team with a recorded 292 tackles. He has helped coach, started a foundation for inner-city children, and donates to many other charitable causes. 

Each of these players has their own story of overcoming personal obstacles to excel in their careers that are sure to motivate your employees to perform to the best of their ability. 

Mayfield Sports Marketing is a leading sports marketing agency and speaker bureau. Whether your company is small or large, our team can search our network of current and retired celebrity athletes available based on appearance fees, team, location, or sport. With access to hundreds of athletes available for corporate appearances, keynote or motivational speeches, and product endorsements, we work within your budget to match your goals with an athlete’s appearance.

By working with the player directly, player agent, marketing agency, and more, Mayfield Sports Marketing has negotiated deals for numerous current and retired sports figures for speaking engagements, VIP Meet & Greets, autograph signings, product endorsement deals, and media opportunities.


Mayfield Sports Marketing acts only as an athlete broker for corporate events, private events, and speaking engagements. Mayfield Sports Marketing does not claim or represent itself as the athlete’s agent, speakers bureau, manager, publicist, assistant, PR firm, or management company. Mayfield Sports Marketing is a full-service player and athlete booking agency representing organizations and groups seeking to hire athletes for motivational speakers, athletes for private corporate events, athlete endorsements, personal athlete appearances, spokesperson campaigns, and autograph sessions.

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