Green Bay Packer supports Toys for Tots in Escanaba

Green Bay Packer comes to support Toys for Tots in Escanaba

The Toys for Tots campaign is off to a good start  in Ecanaba this year. The goal is make sure every child in need in that area has toys under the tree come Christmas morning - and the first day of the push for toys got a lot of people to donate thanks to Green Bay Packers cornerback Davon House. Outside the Walmart this evening members of  Escanaba Public Safety, Marine Corp. Reserve and other dignitaries greeted people who filed inside. If they bought a toy and put it in the toys for tots bin they could then say hello to Packers cornerback Davon House. A lot of good cheer tonight by everyone who wants to make this happy holiday for the less privileged. 

Davon House, Packers cornerback, said, "What I get out of it, I love children anything that's dealing with children, I'm there so, Mark gave me a call told me that they are looking for a player to come out here help out and I was willing to do it."

Christine Baur, Store Manager, said, "It is amazingly gratifying. I'm a mom, I was a single mom so I know how hard it is when you don't have something for your children on Christmas so this is a way to give something back to our local community and make sure all the children of Delta County wake up to a great Christmas."

Now even though this was a good start everyone connected with toys for tots says they will need your generosity right up until Christmas, so please make a donation if you can.

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