Koonce's Book: Is There Life After Football?

Host a book signing event with author, scholar and Green Bay Packer Super Bowl Champion, Dr. George Koonce, Jr.

“Is There Life After Football?” Surviving the NFL, exclusive first-run copies are now available to the general public.

Is There Life After Football? draws upon the experiences of hundreds of former players as they describe their lives after their football days are over. It also incorporates stories about their playing careers, even before entering the NFL, to provide context for understanding their current situations.The authors begin with an analysis of the “bubble”-like conditions of privilege that NFL players experience while playing, conditions that often leave players unprepared for the real world once they retire and must manage their own lives. The book also examines the key issues affecting former NFL players in retirement: social isolation, financial concerns, inadequate career planning, psychological challenges, and physical injuries. From players who make reckless and unsustainable financial investments during their very few high-earning years, to players who struggle to form personal and professional relationships outside of football, the stories in the book put a very human face on the realities of the world of professional football. George Koonce Jr., a former NFL player himself, weaves in his own story throughout, explaining the challenges and setbacks he encountered and decisions that helped him succeed as an NFL Director of Player Development, PhD student, and university administrator after leaving the sport.
Ultimately, Is There Life After Football? concludes that, despite the challenges players face, it is possible for players to find success after leaving the NFL if they have the right support, education, and awareness of what might await them. But players themselves must also resist being totally engulfed by the NFL culture in which they live. A fascinating study with unprecedented insider access, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in the world of professional football.

George Koonce played professional football for a decade, the majority of those years with the Green Bay Packers and during which they won Super Bowl XXXI. After his playing career ended, he served as senior associate athletics director and director of development at Marquette University, athletics director at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, director of player development for the Packers and special assistant to the athletic director at East Carolina University.

Now Dr. Koonce, he received his Ph.D. from Marquette University with his doctoral dissertation focusing on “Role Transition of National Football League Players: Using the Grounded Theory.” His guest column on the same topic on the NFL blog received national notice and raised awareness for the problems faced by retired NFL players. He is a member of the NFL Player Engagement Advisory Board and is co-authoring a book titled “Is There Life After Football,” which is scheduled to be released for publication in December.

Dr. Koonce currently serves as vice president of the office of advancement at Marian University where he provides leadership and strategic direction for students. He is responsible for growing awareness and increasing philanthropic support for Marian University through community and alumni engagement.

Signed by the Green Bay Packers before the 1992 season. He played for the Packers from 1992-1999. He was an eight-year starter as the Packers returned to dominance, starting 102 of 112 games. He played all three linebacker positions with the Packers and was with the team when they won Super Bowl XXXI.

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