Ty Montgomery to Host Clubhouse Live

Mayfield Sports is proud to announce our client and friend, Packers Ty Montgomery, will be the NEW Clubhouse Live Host starting this fall.

You know Ty Montgomery as the Green Bay Packers’ talented, versatile and rising young wide receiver who embraces the mega challenge of making sure he gives The Man (aka two-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers) good routes, good hands and a good target.

Those of us at Clubhouse Live know him to be a good choice. A really good choice.

When he’s not busy running slants, outs, hitches and posts this season — not to mention fending off defenders with jarring stiff arms — the 23-year-old Montgomery will also serve as the new co-host of our award-winning Packers show. Excuse us while we celebrate with a Lambeau Leap of our own.

Clubhouse Live is produced by USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin and can be seen Mondays during the Packers season at 6:30 p.m. from The Clubhouse Sports Pub & Grill inside the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in downtown Appleton.

The popular show, hosted by yours truly and colleagues Ricardo Arguello and Sarah Riley, can also be seen live online at clubhouselive.com.

Montgomery and his outgoing and engaging disposition will be a perfect fit for Clubhouse Live, which doesn’t focus as much on the Xs and Os as it does in prying out the personalities of the guys who wear the Packers’ green and gold.

Sure, we’ll look back on the big game, take a peek at what’s next on the schedule and discuss some of the NFL’s trends and issues.

But think of Clubhouse Live as a football show that’s not always about football.

For example, did you know Montgomery has aspirations of joining the FBI once he’s done with football?

“I sort of look at my life as a way that I’m not living just for myself,” Montgomery explained last season while appearing as a guest on our Oct. 19 show. “I see my life as just something for other people to see. I just feel like I’m supposed to do things for other people.”

Did you know right tackle Bryan Bulaga is confident he can stripe a golf ball as well as anyone on the team?

“I’m OK,” Bulaga said with a knowing grin during his Nov. 9 appearance. “I can get up and down the course. Not bad.”

Did you know running back Eddie Lacy is a big fan of the Hulk?

“I like the Hulk because he just messes everything up that’s in his way,” Lacy said during our Oct. 5 show, moments before he showcased his mad beatboxing skills. “He really doesn’t care about all of that once he becomes the green angry guy. But when he’s not the green angry guy, he’s like such a cool, smart, nerdy, personable kind of person, which is what I am — minus the nerdy part. … So we’re the same person.”

And did you know teammates have had trouble spelling and saying the last name of left tackle David Bakhtiari, who ably served as our co-host a season ago?

“We couldn’t pronounce his name his rookie year, so we called him ‘bacteria,’ ” left guard Josh Sitton said to laughter during a guest appearance in November.

Our eighth season of Clubhouse Live will kick off Aug. 29. Montgomery is scheduled to join the show Sept. 12, and he’ll be bringing teammate guests throughout the season.

Look for details and other show information on our Facebook page at facebook.com/mayfieldsport If your group or conference are interested in booking Ty for an upcoming event, please click here. 

What else do we know about Montgomery?

He’s a political science major. He lettered in baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse and track in high school. He grew up in a family that raised foster children.

And he’s darn good at using a straw to transfer M&Ms from one bowl to another.

Wait … what?

Sorry, you’ll have to check out Clubhouse Live to find out what that’s all about.

By the way, you should have seen one of the games we had the guys play last season.

It involved bowls, spoons, Ping-Pong balls — and two less-than-enthusiastic 300-pound NFL offensive linemen.

And somehow, we lived to tell about it. Great article by Brett Christopherson

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