MSM: Wisconsin's Top Sports Marketing and Booking Agency

The sports world is constantly changing, and athletes are engaging more and more with the communities around them. Mayfield Sports Marketing (MSM) views the relationship between athletes and the community as extremely important. The delicate balance between business and relationships with athletes is something that takes professionalism and hard work.

For over a decade, Mayfield Sports Marketing has always done things the right way and continues to serve athletes and clients in Wisconsin.

What Separates Mayfield Sports Marketing?

There are thousands of sports marketing agencies, each one doing its job and serving athletes, but what separates Mayfield Sports Marketing?

Longevity is not just standing the test of time but rather a testament to a strong work ethic and track record of professionalism. Plenty of agencies around the country work with athletes and help them build their brand and image. However, MSM makes sure that every athlete feels welcome, accepted, and included in their own marketing strategies.

Mayfield Sports Marketing makes it a priority to put the athletes first. Although this is the place to call if you are looking to book an athlete for an event, we strive to make sure that both parties find benefit.

From the initial inquiry to even after the event, we go above and beyond to ensure sure both the athlete and the event hosts feel satisfied. For our customers, we make sure that their event goes smoothly. For our athletes, we make sure they not only get to engage with the community but also leave with a sense of satisfaction.

Since its conception, MSM has never focused on the image the agency can create for itself. The agency always focuses on supporting those who entrust them and letting the image be created as a byproduct. Mayfield Sports Marketing has had the privilege to build relationships with plenty of great athletes in the state of Wisconsin and beyond and will strive to continue building strong relationships within the sports world and the communities surrounding it.

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