Increase Workplace Productivity This Summer, Book a Professional Sports Speaker

A question as old as time:  Why does workplace productivity decrease in the summer?

Summer at work can be a fun time but also a dead period in which you are trying to find the motivation to complete tasks.

According to Brad Anderson for Calendar.com, who wrote this nugget about workplace productivity. "Studies show that workplace productivity plummets by 20 percent between June and August. "Additionally, attendance at work decreases by 19 percent, and workers are 45 percent more distracted."

Taking time for yourself, such as on a mental health day or a vacation, is an important reminder that taking care of yourself is OK.

However, in general, it's hard for people to focus on work when it's sunny and 80 degrees outside. That goes along with people who use social media at work, and they look at what they are missing out on.

With many hot days in the summer calendar, it's hard for people to concentrate due to the humidity making people less focused and more tired.

Some places use summer hours, which places close earlier on Fridays. But working long hours from Monday-Thursday can cause stress, even if they have fewer hours to work on Friday.

How To Increase Workplace Productivity During the Summer?

It's inevitable workplace productivity will go down in the summer. It's hard to ask people to stay focused on work for three months. However, there's a solution:  Book a professional sports speaker.

professional sports speakers have a lot to offer a workplace, and there are several ways an athlete speaker can benefit your workplace.

Here are some of the ways booking a professional sports speaker could increase workplace productivity in the summer:

Encouraging Teamwork

This is the biggest aspect in which work and sports are the same. Working together for a common goal helps bring everyone together. Outside of working together, communication is another key aspect to making sure you are working well together as a team.

What makes a good team is the ability to be open to new ideas. The top places to work are places where people get along and have the ability to be honest team members. Professional sports speakers no better than anyone about how good teamwork creates a winning culture. Sharing their perspectives on good teamwork could be beneficial to help instill a positive workplace culture.

Overcoming Obstacles

Everyone can relate to this idea. Every person in the world has had to overcome something, and it made them better in the long run. There have been managers and CEOs who started at the bottom of the company and progressively worked their way up. The same thing is true with professional sports speakers. They can relate because they had to outwork everyone to make it to the hardest leagues in the world.

How a Professional Sports Speaker Can Be Motivating?

Hard work eventually pays off. A professional sports speaker normally provides examples of what they had to get to where they're at. The same logic applies in the workplace. If you work and go above and beyond, managers begin to notice. It's similar to an athlete who's the first one in the last one out. In a workplace, an employee who puts in long hours, and does their best on every project, will eventually get rewarded.

An athlete speaker can inspire employees to do something to go the extra mile that they hadn't previously done.

Start by increasing workplace productivity in the summer by booking a professional athlete or coach to speak to your staff today with the help of Mayfield Sports Marketing.

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