Why Professional Athletes & Coaches Are Great Motivators For Company Employees

Professional athletes and coaches make some of the best motivators for company employees.  Running a great company requires having great employees. Knowing how to motivate employees to do the job, and do it correctly, is a direct responsibility of the managers and owners of that company.

Here is why bringing in professional athletes and coaches to talk to your employees could make a drastic difference in what you see in return from your employees.


Coaches and athletes are ingrained with determination to achieve their goals. Taking those traits from the field to the boardroom makes any goal attainable your company may have as a result. In the workplace, the best employees subsequently never give up and always find a way to overcome obstacles. Failing will be a part of any corporation or business. Dealing with loss is something coaches, and athletes overcome every single season. When they struggle with performance, athletes will dedicate extra time to practice until they improve. Learning this trait can be how to motivate employees to prevent the same mistake from ever happening twice.

Knowing How To Motivate Employees to Put the Team First

Any corporation or business needs employees to have a "team first" mentality. A team-first mentality is about looking at your employees and viewing them as living, breathing organisms. An organism can live in a healthy manner if each of its organs is functioning and contributing to its overall health. 

Coaches and athletes certainly understand that team goals always trump individual needs. Being part of a team means a serious commitment to the group. Personal sacrifices come with the territory. For athletes, that may mean giving up weekends for practice or maintaining a strict training diet. Applying that same mentality to the workplace establishes a commitment to achieving goals. Rewarding employees who carry these traits with more pay or time off (when able) will go a long way in answering the question, "how to motivate employees." 

Handling Criticism

Becoming coachable consequently lets you take an objective look at your strengths and weaknesses in all areas of your life. Athletes and coaches have taken constructive criticism (and sometimes not so constructive) throughout their careers. Explaining to your employees that this type of criticism is in an attempt to better themselves, not degrade them, is vital to long-term success. Managers who know they can provide direct and honest feedback to their employees without worrying about hurting feelings, or losing productivity for the day, allow for quick solutions to problems that may arise as a result.

Start taking the first step in answering "how to motivate employees" by booking a professional athlete or coach to speak to your staff today with the help of Mayfield Sports Marketing.

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