Gilbert Brown Discusses Bullying.

On Monday August 29, we had the pleasure of booking Gilbert for the ClubHouse Live Show in Appleton. We enjoy working with Brett, Joel and the ClubHouse Team. They do an amazing job. We have been to and produced 100's, probably a 1000 interviews, over the years. Sometimes, you hear something from an athlete is that 100% real. Monday was one of those times with Gilbert Brown. Gilbert told several stories, some never heard before and had everyone laughing.

Then it happened. Brett asked Gilbert about his mission to stop bullying. Bullying at school, bullying at the work place, any type of bullying. The message was loud and very clear.

See Gilbert doesn't hold back on this issue. Take a listen. http://www.packersnews.com/videos/sports/nfl/packers/clubhouse-live/2016/08/30/89570100/

Gilbert has spoken all around Wisconsin and Michigan about bullying. If you may wish to book him to speak at your school, church, company or to your sports team, contact us at 262.366.8188 or Mark@MayfieldSports.com

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