Are Virtual Conventions the Wave of the Future?

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, much of what we do today has gone virtual. Whether it is working from home, meetings, ordering food and supplies, viewing webinars, etc. many things we used to do in person are now done virtually. With social distancing, quarantines, and safer at home measures one cannot simply host events like conventions. However, like most other things you can do this virtually as well, and doing so can provide many of the same benefits as does an in-person convention. And like many other things that have gone virtual, even after the pandemic is over, are virtual conventions the wave of the future?  They may indeed be so here are some of the hows, whys, benefits, and pitfalls of doing a virtual convention.  

How Do You Host a Virtual Convention?

First thing you should probably do is set up your virtual conference website. Depending on which platform(s) you ultimately use (discussed below) this could merely be a registration form on your current website. This is a good way to get people registered and provide a survey so you can get to know your attendees a bit better. This form should include attendee contact information, demographics, employment, or whatever pertinent information you need.  Also on this form should be convention information such as speakers, schedule, and your social media links.  

Now choose the platform you wish to use that offers the features and capabilities you need.  Some popular examples include Zoom, BlueJeans Events, EasyWebinar, WebinarJam, and GoToWebinar.  

How Do Others 'Attend' a Virtual Convention? 

This part is relatively simple and will be handled by the platform you choose to host your virtual convention on.  Your attendees will be given a link to the event and will simply login in order to participate.  For security and logistical reasons, make sure to add a waiting room in order to verify the attendees, as well as muting them upon entrance so there is no background noise.  Offer a way to “raise their hands” so that they can be unmuted to contribute or ask questions. Either of these will be available in the settings of the platform you choose. Most platforms either offer or integrate with various chat clients so you can engage with the attendees in real-time.  

What Are The Benefits to Having a Virtual Convention? 

One of the greatest benefits of a virtual convention, besides possibly being the only way to have conventions during the pandemic, is cost. With far lower overhead costs, you can reduce the price to attend your convention thereby increasing the potential number of attendees.  In addition to the lower ticket price, people from all over the world can attend without having to incur travel expenses of their own. A virtual convention also makes it easier to get speakers as they do not have to travel themselves and commit as much time to their appearance. You could even use a pre-taped video presentation if that is what is preferable to yourself and the speaker.  Also, the recording of the virtual convention becomes a product in and of itself that you could sell or use as a marketing tool.  

What Are The Disadvantages?

One downside to the virtual convention is that the networking opportunities suffer a bit. You cannot meet up in person and make a connection like you can at a physical conference.  This can be mitigated by offering breakout sessions where all participants are on the screen and communicating with each other or even a simple chat room where attendees can engage in group or individual discussions.  Distractions can be more prevalent when attending a virtual convention due to the fact they are most likely at home where a myriad of things could vie for their attention.  With so many ways on the various platforms to engage and include the attendees in discussions, and activities and having interesting content and speakers will help alleviate this as well.  

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