The NFL has one of the most exclusive Hall of Fames in all of sports. It is so difficult to get in that, many times, players and coaches must wait for a senior committee to vote on their rightful place in the Hall of Fame. This was the case of former NFL head coach Dick Vermeil, who was named a senior finalist for the Hall of Fame. Earlier in February 2022, Coach was announced at the NFL Honors Event that he had been selected for induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2022.


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You can’t call yourself a real Green Bay Packers fan if you don’t know the first player to do the famous Lambeau Leap. If you said LeRoy Butler (pronounced “L’Roy”), then you know your stuff. Indeed, Butler first performed the famous leap into the end zone stands on December 26, 1993 in a game against the Los Angeles Raiders.

What’s amazing about Butler is that during childhood, he was pigeon toed. The doctors had to break bones in both feet to correct the problem, leaving Butler in either a wheelchair or leg braces for much of his early childhood. When Butler was eight, his sister accidentally knocked him out of his wheelchair and scattered his leg braces.

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